Freedom for Christ

Fifth Reformed Church, Grand Rapids, MI

READ : Philippians 1:12-14

Today, the people of the United States are celebrating the birthday of their country, Independence Day. We have always valued independence and freedom- freedom to govern ourselves, freedom to practice our religion, freedom of the press, and so on.

As an American, one of the worst situations I can imagine would be having my personal freedom taken away because of my faith in Christ. Yet that is precisely what has happened to Paul. He is wearing chains because he is a Christian.

But does Paul lay low for a while as a Christian evangelist since it is too dangerous to speak for Christ? No! He’s busy preaching the gospel to his guards and fellow prisoners. When other believers hear how he is proclaiming Christ in difficult circumstances, they feel encouraged to do the same in their own communities.

This passage should move all of us to take every opportunity to share Christ with others, especially since most of us have no fear of being persecuted. But let us pray for believers who are being persecuted, that they will stand firm in their faith and witness for Christ as Savior and Lord.

written by Verlyn Verbrugge


Lord, help me to use my freedom for you, and to pray for persecuted believers. Amen.