Trustworthy in Ministry

Fifth Reformed Church, Grand Rapids, MI

READ : Philippians 2:19-29

Many times we take our family and friends for granted. We overlook things they do for us and the special way in which they are always there, especially those who minister to and with us. We forget to tell them how much they mean to us.

Paul had two special friends that helped him in his ministry. Paul did not take their value for granted. One friend, Timothy, was training to share in Paul’s ministry. Timothy not only loved the Lord but loved serving him. It was reflected in his ministry. Paul calls him trustworthy in his ministry. Paul was thankful for Timothy. He gave him absolutely top rating.

Paul’s second friend, Epaphroditus, was sent by the people of Philippi to bring money to Paul. He stayed and worked with Paul, giving himself so unreservedly to the ministry that he became sick. After he recovered, Paul sent Epaphroditus back home with glowing words of gratitude since he gave his all for Christ. Paul had been richly blessed by these two trustworthy friends.

Who has richly blessed you by their ministry? Who are you thankful for? Affirm them by telling them so.

written by Diane Konynenbelt


Lord, special friends who share in ministry are a blessing from you. I thank you for _____________. Amen.