What Really Matters

Fifth Reformed Church, Grand Rapids, MI

READ : Philippians 3:1-3

Rejoice in the Lord. Like a golden strand that the weaver blends into his tapestry, so Paul weaves the theme of joy throughout his letter to the Philippians. Joy drips from the pen of Paul as he seeks to encourage his brothers and sisters in Christ. Over and over with heartfelt conviction he reminds them of the one thing that produces joy-you belong to the Lord!

New bikes, fast cars, promotions, special awards, a box of candy, time spent with family and friends-these and many other things give us happiness. But what happens when the bike rusts, the award is history, the candy is gone, and the party is over?

Life based on finding our happiness in things and circumstances is like eating cotton candy. Its taste is sweet, but its substance gone before we swallow. “Don’t look for happiness in things,” says Paul, “in things and circumstances that change and fade away. Don’t let anyone mislead you. What really matters is Christ.” Don’t miss out on true joy by the relentless pursuit of those things that disappear in a flash. When you have Jesus Christ you have joy.

written by Diane Konynenbelt


Christ, you are my joy. The joy of living in you is my strength. No matter what circumstances I face in my life, in you I will rejoice. Amen.