Flying Kites

Fifth Reformed Church, Grand Rapids, MI

READ : Philippians 3:4-8

I am the world’s worst kite flyer. I’d be the last person anyone would ask to help fly a kite. So at our house, Dad was the official kite-flying helper.

On occasions, when Dad was not home, Chad and Tammi would ask me to help. Because I love my children I was delighted to try flying kites with them. But more laughing usually happened than kite flying.

You don’t need to be an expert kite flyer to know that without wind kites don’t fly. It doesn’t matter how good or how hard you try-kites don’t fly without wind. On the other hand you can have all the wind you need, but if you don’t grab the kite and start running it won’t fly!

Paul says there are two crucial factors in living for Christ. First, it doesn’t matter if we do and say all the right things and have the right credentials if we don’t give Christ supremacy. In fact, all our credentials, all our deeds are less than nothing unless we love and follow Christ. Paul did not rely on his impressive Jewish r?sum?. He trashed everything except Jesus.

Second, just as you need to focus, grab the kite and run deliberately, so we need to love Christ above all else, run with him and toss the cheap stuff.

written by Diane Konynenbelt


Lord Jesus, I love you. Come, live in my heart so that I may follow you fully, giving you the total credit. Amen.