Eyes of Love

Fifth Reformed Church, Grand Rapids, MI

READ : Philippians 3:7-9

Come with Harry and me to the airport where we are meeting the airliner bringing our infant, adopted son to our home from Korea. Finally, he will be home with us! With Chad in our arms and good-byes from friends ringing in our ears, we head for home. While Harry retrieves our car, I set Chad down on a counter. In the age-old ritual of motherhood, I unwrap and gaze at my son, counting his fingers and toes!

The camera’s eye that day captured the haunting image of a malnourished child. At 9 months, weighing 12 pounds, his skin is stretched taut over his frail frame. His stomach is distended, and no hair covers his little, defined skull. A severe case of chicken pox has left his baby skin riddled with ugly, permanent scars.

When I gazed at my son that day, my eyes of love saw the most beautiful child I had ever seen! At that moment, I caught a glimpse of Abba God’s heart. When God looks at his adopted sons and daughters who are clothed in Christ’s righteousness, he doesn’t see the scars of our sin or our malnourished spiritual lives. God sees the perfectly beautiful child he created. Any attempt or achievement on our part cannot make us acceptable to him, only Christ’s righteousness can.

written by Diane Konynenbelt


Thank you, Jesus, for loving and dying for me so that I through faith might be fully accepted by you. Amen.