Destination: a Life With Purpose

Fifth Reformed Church, Grand Rapids, MI

READ : Philippians 3:12-14

“Are we almost there, Daddy?” We had just left the great state of Michigan. We were in for a long drive! “Not yet,” I responded, “It’s a


ways to Florida. Look around you. Do you see all of the pretty, uh, road construction?” My wife rescued me, “How about a snack?” An hour passed with 14 more to go. “Let’s think of things we’ll do in Florida,” I suggested. It worked.

Let’s face it, long journeys are always more tolerable when you’re excited about your destination. Getting there isn’t always half the fun. Sometimes, it’s downright tedious. The joy of knowing what lies ahead and the anticipation of “arriving” help us press on.

Paul’s goal of perfection was lofty and elusive, and yet he kept on running for the prize. He wasn’t about to stop and focus on distractions. He knew that one day he would “obtain” all that he hoped for and would be “made perfect.” Paul believed that God had a purpose for his life; a purpose defined by Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. Are you focusing on incidentals, or are you looking ahead to the prize? Remember, God your Father is in control of your destiny.

written by Philip Rose


Father, help me focus on you in the mix of all the chaos of life, remembering that you have a plan for my life. Give me strength to press on. Amen.