Don't Split Up-Agree!

Fifth Reformed Church, Grand Rapids, MI

READ : Philippians 4:2-3

Have you ever had an argument with someone? You both thought you were right and neither was going to give in to the other. Webster defines an argument as a discussion or debate. But serious argument can lead to sin if it causes unrighteous anger or splits among us. It saddens me when believers argue to the point of division. The church throughout history is filled with such incidents of permanent separation. Many have split, agreeing to disagree. Even greater sadness occurs when believers are unable to settle arguments and choose to go before a judge.

Jesus warned the crowd during his Sermon on the Mount to settle matters quickly to prevent a judge from having the last word. It is our role as fellow believers to help settle matters together. It hurts the church when God’s people cannot agree. Max Lucado uses the analogy of a ship of squabbling sailors. Who of us would want to board such a ship? We must commit to helping one another to agree in the Lord for we are all one in Christ.

written by Brian Telzerow


Lord, help us to put our selfishness aside and find solutions in our differences. Amen.