Celebrate God, All Day, Every Day

Fifth Reformed Church, Grand Rapids, MI

READ : Philippians 4:4

To “rejoice in the Lord always” is to recognize that we are never alone, no matter what trials we face. “I am with you always,” Jesus promised. That truth does not eliminate our trials; it imparts trust that, whatever we need to get through them, our Lord will provide.

Always? Under every circumstance? Paul was not sharing a meaningless platitude. He was writing to dear Christian friends who were facing persecution. He knew intimately what they were going through. He himself had been beaten, illegally jailed, ostracized and threatened. Even as he was writing these words, he was under house arrest facing charges that would ultimately lead to his execution. To Paul, rejoicing in the Lord always was a sound attitude for life.

We may not be facing persecution; but we do experience trials that challenge our faith and make rejoicing difficult. It is then that we need to prayerfully ask Christ to help us discern and rejoice in his promised presence always. That takes courage and trust. Paul assures us that God will come through for us. He did for him and his Philippian friends; and he will for you and me.

written by Jack Cooper


God, make Jesus’ presence in me so real that I can always rejoice in spite of circumstances. Amen.