Rethink Your Role Models

Fifth Reformed Church, Grand Rapids, MI

READ : Philippians 4:8-9

Have you ever had a genuine hero, not Superman or a tennis star, but someone you actually knew and admired? Did that person’s life and words touch you so much that you literally wanted to be like that person?

In a world full of billboards and 25-second television ads, we need the kind of influence that is meaningful- not merely something more meaningful than the popular culture of consumerism, but something


meaningful. That “something” may very well be a person of real integrity-someone who is in love with the living Christ and committed to obedience, completely given to Christ the King.

A relationship like Paul’s to believers in Philippi is so important in the Christian life. One of the most enriching gifts that God gives us through the Spirit is the ability to be surrounded with quality people who want nothing less than for


to be more like Jesus Christ. Look, listen and copy them!

written by Shane Ver Steeg


Holy Spirit, send to me someone like Paul, whose true love is you, and whose true desire is to see others grow nearer to you. Amen.