"Don't Forget About Me"

Fifth Reformed Church, Grand Rapids, MI

READ : Philippians 4:10-11

Todd commuted to seminary from a considerable distance. As friends do, we tried to grab a cup of coffee together whenever we could. We laughed and shared our deepest concerns and desires. I have a certain affinity for him, and he for me. One day he left soon after class for home. “Drive safely,” I said and watched him drive away. It took a few minutes to get him out of my mind, hoping he got home without a scratch. Drive safely!

I hope you have Christian friends like this. You think about them and pray for them. You are concerned for them, and you love them. Have you let them know how much you love them? Do they know that you pray for them often? Are they aware of your affection for them? The Apostle Paul, imprisoned, caught wind of the love others had for him, and he was greatly encouraged.

Let those whom you love in on your secret. Your love and concern for them in prayer is the Lord’s love and concern for them. Let them know about it. Show it somehow today.

written by Shane Ver Steeg


Loving God, I bless you for those I love. I will seek to show my love for them today. Amen.