The Secret of Contentment

Fifth Reformed Church, Grand Rapids, MI

READ : Philippians 4:12-13

I was really hungry on a bike trail in the middle of the woods after five hours of climbing and biking. I was starved! My legs were buckling and my stomach growled. My arms began to go numb and my skin seemed colorless. My head buzzed and my neck was hot. I remembered the granola bars in my bike pack, so I started digging for them. Soon, my hunger was gone, and my energy came back. I was satisfied, the pain gone.

We’ve all been hungry, some of us more than others. And on some level, we have all experienced what it is like to have our hunger satisfied by food. Pain goes away. Energy is restored. We soon feel better about everything. In all of this, we realize that food and hunger regularly determine how we behave, think, and live out our temperaments before others around us. We need food. Under pressure we are content with one granola bar.

Most of us have a well-fixed diet for our contentment. What happens if we must live on or choose less? We can endure anything and be content through Jesus’ strength.

written by Shane Ver Steeg


Jesus, teach me the secret of being content in tough situations. Amen.