Greetings and Grace

Fifth Reformed Church, Grand Rapids, MI

READ : Philippians 4:21-23

Paul closes his letter with what at first appears as a matter-of-fact farewell and a routine benediction, but a closer look reveals that his words are filled with meaning.

“Greet every saint in Christ Jesus.” In two verses, Paul mentions four different groups of saints: the Christians at Philippi; his fellow workers who are in his immediate company; all the Christians in Rome, and all those believers who are employed by the Roman Emperor.

Regardless of who we are, if we are


Christ Jesus, we are “saints.” The word comes from a word that means “holy” or “set apart.” Every believer is somebody!

So Paul closes with a reminder that our greetings and relationships are


the Lord and all because of grace.

Each Sunday morning at Fifth Church, we share the peace of Christ in our worship. As we reach out to those around us with a handshake or hug, we share greetings as an expression of our unity as God’s people. It is God’s grace that makes us saints. His grace makes us all one. Dear readers everywhere, grace be with you all!

written by Jim Zinger


Dear God, we thank you for your amazing grace demonstrated and given by Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.