Faith Lifters

Jane Douglass White

READ : 1 John 5:1-5
Luke 14:3-6

Cosmetic surgery has become very popular. If we want to remove bags under our eyes or lift our sagging chins, it’s easy to find a skilled surgeon to perform the task. In an airport one day, I saw a well-dressed woman who had apparently had several face lifts. Her face was taut from all the nips and tucks of cosmetic surgery. Her skin was stretched so tight that it looked as if her face would crack if she attempted to smile.

Removing wrinkles from our faces may give us a youthful feeling, but it cannot remove the wrinkles from our souls. The world is sometimes confusing and depressing. Many of us need something even more powerful than a face lift. There are times in our lives when we could use a

faith lift

to keep us young at heart and filled with confidence. John says that we can “overcome the world” when we “believe that Jesus is the Son of God” (v. 5). During the stressful times in our lives, we need to keep our faith strong.

It is my prayer that during this month, we may discover gems of wisdom in the Bible that will be Faith Lifters for us.


Dear Father, thank you that you sent your Son Jesus Christ to show us what it means to live with complete faith. May we continue to grow in our faith, so that we may be faith-lifters for others. Amen.