Prescription for Fullest Life

Jane Douglass White

READ : Matthew 9:18-29

All of us agree that a great if not the greatest ingredient in “abundant life” is good health. The Bible’s prescription is FAITH. Jesus healed a woman who had been ill for 12 years, a girl thought to be dead and two blind men. In each case, Jesus responded to their heartfelt faith.

For years, medicine was focused on diagnosing physical symptoms. Insufficient thought was given to causes such as mental or emotional stress. If it hurt, fix it. Today doctors pay more attention to the whole person, to stresses that can cause the body to deteriorate. There is no doubt that people with a heartfelt faith heal much more quickly than do those who fill their minds with negative thoughts.

Medicine is making giant leaps in combating disease, and much is now taught about the prevention of illness. We make the choice. We can follow the prescription to keep our bodies healthy or we can ignore it. We can live and die with faith or with hopelessness.

My friend Setie had terminal cancer. There was no miraculous cure for her. But she led “the full life” until she went to be with the Lord because she never doubted Jesus’ loving care. She was a joy to all!


Father, I don’t want to be like mourners at the girl’s home who laughed at Jesus and were sent away. I believe and want to stay close to your Son forever. Amen.