Free for All

Jane Douglass White

READ : Luke 4:16-21

For several years I led Christian seminars in state and federal prisons with Prison Fellowship. In one prison I met Mel, a young man who had dabbled in drugs. In fact, in the prison he was selling marijuana smuggled to him in sealed potato chip bags. He wasn’t caught and finally got out on parole. During the first week he had a traffic violation which broke his parole and sent him back to prison. He was furious and couldn’t understand why this had happened.

One day he saw an inmate wearing a tattered jean jacket with “Jesus Loves You” on the back. He began to needle the man. The man replied, “If you want real peace, get to know Jesus.” Mel couldn’t get that out of his mind and he asked the inmate to tell him more.

Mel repented and surrendered his life to Christ. Today he is a free man and owns a franchised business, which supports his evangelical ministry in prisons across the country. Truly Christ “proclaimed freedom” for Mel.

Have you become enslaved to a habit or attitude that holds you back? Is it fear, doubt, an inferiority complex, anxiety, anger, addiction? Christ “announces freedom” and it is free for all who repent and believe.


Dear Lord Jesus, we surrender our lives to you. May we be freed from anything that hinders us from being the men and women God created us to be. Amen.