What's in It for Me?

Jane Douglass White

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Wherever Jesus went, crowds followed. Were they following because they wanted to hear the insightful lessons he taught? Jesus was disappointed to see that they were following because they saw a chance to get something for nothing.

Do we work at a job only for the pay? When we help someone, are we angry if they don’t show the appreciation we think we deserve? Do we go to God in prayer only when we are in need of his help? Are we guilty of constantly asking, “What’s in it for me?”

Miranda was a beautiful woman, but she spoiled her attractiveness with a constant frown. She would complain, “My boss ignored my hard work and promoted someone else.” “My husband expects me to do everything and I get no thanks for it.” “I am the eldest child and my brothers and sisters don’t respect me.”

Corrie Ten Boom, the remarkable Dutch woman who survived Nazi concentration camps, once said:

Look without; be distressed.
Look within; be depressed.
Look at Jesus; be at rest.


Thank you, dear Father, that we know we are very special people, created in your image. We are thankful that you see and appreciate any good that we do. May we always appreciate and encourage those who help us. Amen.