Lodging Better Than a Luxury Hotel

Jane Douglass White

READ : Matthew 10:1-16

When travel experts give advice, one thing they are sure to emphasize is to travel “light.” Often when we go on a trip, we pack many items of clothing that we never use. Jesus not only tells the disciples not to take bags with them, but not even spending money. He tells them to stay with “some worthy person” (v. 11).

For several years, I traveled to state and federal prisons across the country leading Christian seminars with Prison Fellowship. The church paid for my transportation. I stayed in Christian homes near each prison I visited. Some homes were luxurious; others were humble. Whether in cities, small towns or in the country, wherever I went, I was warmly welcomed. These beautiful people opened their homes to me and blessed me with caring love beyond anything I could have imagined.

In Jesus’ day, there were no hotels or motels. Even today, I believe Jesus would give me the same instruction: “search for some worthy person and stay in that home until you leave.”

I hope that anyone who stays in our home will feel God’s love as I did on those visits. Those loving Christians gave me added faith and strength to do God’s work.


Father, give us the ability to make our homes a haven that reflects your loving-kindness to all who visit us. Amen.