An "Also-ran" Can Be a Winner!

Jane Douglass White

READ : Mark 10:35-45

This story of Jesus’ disciples seeking powerful positions can be encouraging to us. They were just ordinary men who did extraordinary things because of faith in Jesus.

It is human nature to seek power, whether it be in politics, sports, stage, screen, education, TV or business. But one doesn’t always have to be the “big kahuna” to be a winner. I learned that with my music.

As a pianist, I have often accompanied singers or instrumentalists when they performed. To be a good accompanist, one must follow their lead in tempo and dynamics. One must be sensitive to their interpretation of the composition, always remaining as background. I once went to a concert in which the accompanist, though an excellent technician, was so flamboyant that I had a tendency to concentrate on her rather than the soloist.

When the accompanist is willing to serve by working with the soloist as a team, everyone who listens is blessed by their performance no matter who gets the headlines. Both are winners! There is no “also-ran.”

There may be times when we do all the work and someone else gets the praise. Then is the time to remember that Jesus came, not to force his authority on the world, but to serve the world. We are doing that also.


Lord, we know you appreciate us. Help us to be team players, appropriately sharing our triumphs and giving you glory. Amen.