Road Block

Jane Douglass White

READ : Acts 16:6-10

Have you ever been merrily speeding along in your car and suddenly an unforeseen road block stopped you from continuing on that road? In light of Paul’s zeal to preach the gospel in Asia, one can well imagine his frustration when the Holy Spirit blocked him from two different roads.

Our personal roads are blocked for us in many ways: loss of a promotion, becoming ill, failing on a project, doing poorly on a school exam, being rejected by someone you love. Paul and Barnabas teach us a great lesson. They waited on God’s direction because they trusted him.

Our world is filled with “instant” things, such as instant coffee, fast food, ATM machines. We run on such a fast track today that God has to put a road block in our way to get our attention. If we, like Paul and Barnabas, realize God has a better agenda for our lives than we do, we should stop fretting, be quiet and listen to his “still, small voice.”

We may not have a heavenly vision, but if we believe and do our best where we are, God will steer us onto an even better road.


Thank you, Lord, that your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path. I need that. Amen.