Head for the Landmark

Jane Douglass White

READ : Proverbs 4:20-27

On a visit to Nadine and Al’s beautiful Nebraska farm home, I looked at the long rows of towering corn stalks in one of their fields and asked, “How can you align those rows so perfectly?” Al answered, “I fix my eyes on a landmark (a fence post or a tree) and head the tractor straight for that landmark.”

That is the advice for life given by the writer of Proverbs: “Let your eyes look straight ahead . . . do not swerve to the right or left” (vv. 25, 27). We are blessed with a “landmark” for our lives in our Savior Jesus Christ. When we keep our eyes fixed on Jesus and the lessons he taught through his life on earth, we can keep our lives right and balanced, on the mark.

God’s way will surely bring us the best life and the best health. When we swerve from his way into our own selfish way, we are selecting trouble and pain.

I urge you to set a time each day to open the Bible, “the manufacturer’s handbook,” and learn from it. Caught up in the busyness of life, we drift off the path of true success. We serve a God of second opportunities. When we swerve from his way, he is seeking to keep us from losing sight of the landmark.


Father, nudge me when I keep my eyes on the world. Thank you for being there when I veer from the goal. Amen.