Like a Rock

Jane Douglass White

READ : Matthew 7:24-29

Most of us have heard the slogan “Like a Rock” on TV ads promoting truck sales. When I think of rocks, I think of strength and durability. Jesus uses this comparison when he describes the man who built his house on solid rock, while another built on sand.

Jesus had just finished teaching. The people marveled, for “He taught like someone with authority.” I hope you will take the time soon to read Jesus’ wise words in The Sermon on the Mount in Matthew, chapters 5-7. Jesus promised that people who hear and obey his teachings will be like that house built on solid rock. Nothing can beat us down, neither fear nor grief, anger, prejudice, and illness. Our faith will be “like a rock,” able to withstand any storm life can bring.

How do I know his promise made thousands of years ago is true? Because in my long life I have faced menacing storms. God has never failed me! He has provided strength and courage in numerous ways through family, friends, and even strangers who were there for me. When we build our faith upon Jesus’ promises, we can come through “like a rock.”


Lord, by myself I am as weak as that house built on sand. But my faith is in you and I thank you for always bringing me safely through the tempests of life. Amen.