The End Is the Beginning

Jane Douglass White

READ : Matthew 28:16-20
Luke 24:44-49

Jesus told his followers to “make disciples of all nations” before he left them to be taken into heaven. Though they surely hated to have Jesus leave them, Luke says that “they worshiped him and returned to Jerusalem with great joy” (v. 52). They were not ending their relationship with the Master, but beginning a new and exciting fellowship with him through the Holy Spirit.

When I was asked to write this month’s devotionals, I felt very humble. I am not a theologian, so who am I to write such important messages? Then I remembered that it was not the highly trained scribes and Pharisees that Jesus chose to carry the Good News to the world, but ordinary people who had faith in him. So I started each morning with prayer for God’s guidance. Then I would write a devotional for the day.

I have a tinge of regret that this precious time is over, for I have found that my own faith has been lifted as I have studied. It is my prayer that as you come to the end of these “Faith Lifters” for this month, you will have a renewed faith and more confidence in your ability to help others find a stronger faith in Jesus.


Thank you, Father, for the chance to share these messages with faithful friends. May they be inspired to pass on the Good News of Jesus Christ to others. Amen.