Celebrating Labor

Steven Laman

READ : Genesis 2:4-9, 15-18
Ephesians 2:10

Happy Labor Day! Today we celebrate and honor working people. But is labor really worth celebrating? After all it is a lot of hard work. Yet, we can take pride in it because God gives it to us. After God created the world, he needed someone to care for his masterpiece. So he made Adam and Eve to tend it. Whether we farm, teach school, flip burgers, or develop technology, we are accomplishing our purpose to work in God’s world.

I have cerebral palsy, and everything I do takes great effort. It would be easy for me to just sit around and do nothing. But I am grateful that God has shown me the joy of work. When I volunteer at the elementary school, write, or help out at church I get satisfaction in knowing that I am doing something worthwhile. I’m glad that I can contribute to society.

Do you see your job as a chore-something you are forced to do to make a living? Or do you find joy in labor, and see it as something God has given you to better his world and bless others? The Lord has prepared work for each of us. May we always be a blessing as we labor in his world.


Lord, may I be a blessing as I do the work that you have given me. Amen.