Give God Everything

Steven Laman

READ : John 6:1-15

Feeling a tug on his sleeve, Andrew looked down and saw a wide-eyed boy trying to get his attention. “Sir,” the child whispered sweetly, “I don’t know if the teacher can use these, but he can have what little I have.” Then the disciple saw that the boy’s hands held five small cakes of bread and two tiny fish. The five barley loaves were probably made from very cheap grain, and the fish might have been as small as an appetizer. Despite how meager the boy’s lunch seemed, he gladly offered it as a sacrifice. Jesus didn’t scoff at the size of the offering. He just gladly accepted all that the boy had and did a miracle with it. That day more than 5,000 people were satisfied.

Have you ever felt that what you have to sacrifice is too small? I have. I have a severe disability. What do I have to offer the Lord? I have learned that it doesn’t matter how much time, talent, or money we have to offer. Jesus is more concerned with if we surrender everything. When we give him our all, he is able to do a miracle with whatever gift we can contribute.

May this boy’s little lunch inspire us to sacrifice everything. When we turn over our whole lives to the Lord, we will be amazed at what he will do through us.


Lord Jesus, help me to sacrifice all of myself to you. Amen.