Tragedies Make Room for Triumph

Steven Laman

READ : Mark 5:21-42

“This is the worst thing that ever happened in our family,” were the words of my grandfather when he learned of my difficulties during birth. True, being born with a lack of oxygen resulting in a crippling disability is tragic. Thank God, there is someone who specializes in turning tragedies into triumph.

Throughout the Gospels, Jesus was always working in tragic situations. One of the most devastating was when Jairus begged Jesus to heal his dying daughter. Before Jesus reached her, a report came that she was dead. Anyone would say that this was a tragedy. Anyone except Jesus. Not even the disaster of death could stop the Lord from turning this dismal situation into something wonderful. When he arrived, Jesus brought life back to this little girl. Jesus can handle anything!

As I was growing up it was sometimes difficult to see how God could work in my life. Jairus needed to be patient and believe. I did too. I can truly say that God has turned my tragedy into a triumph. He has worked through my life and writing to encourage many. Do you find it hard to see how God can work in your calamities? Believe in the one who raised the dead. He has the power to triumph in your situation.


Jesus, you are the master at working in tragedies. Help me to be patient while you work in mine. Amen.