Do You Get It?

Steven Laman

READ : Mark 9:30-32
Luke 24:36-49

One of the hardest parts of being an aide in a special education classroom is knowing for sure if the students are getting what is being taught. It is disheartening when I work hard to explain a problem with my speech device and the next day that same concept comes up. They are unable to figure it out. Sometimes I am tempted to scream, “Don’t you get it?”

I am sure that Jesus sometimes felt like this. No matter how many times he explained that he was going to suffer and die-his disciples never got it. It wasn’t until after the resurrection and Jesus appeared to them that they finally understood. Jesus himself opened their minds so they could understand the good news. Even the people who were physically with the Savior had to have their minds opened. I am grateful to know this because often I have a difficult time comprehending the Scripture. When I don’t get what the Bible is talking about, I can be assured that Jesus through the Holy Spirit will open my mind.

Have you ever dreaded reading your Bible because you couldn’t grasp it? Don’t give up! Jesus wants you to understand it even more than you do. Keep on reading and he will help you to “get it.”


Thank you, Jesus, for helping me understand your Word. Amen.