Out of the Silence

Steven Laman

READ : Luke 1:5-20, 57-66

Even though I can communicate with a speech device, I don’t use it to chat often. Communication is still tedious and time consuming. Most of the time I would rather listen than contribute to the conversation. By listening I learn about people and it also gives me time to think.

Zechariah should have been quiet when Gabriel told him that his wife was going to have a son. Instead, he questioned. This priest should have believed the words of Almighty God without doubt. Since he didn’t, he was sentenced to be speechless until his son was born. What a harsh punishment! Was it really severe, or did being hushed actually help Zechariah grow in faith? I believe so. Months of silence forced him to do a lot of thinking. As John grew in Elizabeth’s womb, his father’s faith must have also grown. When John was born and Zechariah could speak again, his mouth overflowed with praise.

You may not have a speech disability or have to endure nine months of silence, but have you ever tried being quiet before the Lord to ponder his goodness? Take it from a guy who doesn’t speak. It is wonderful to sit and reflect on the goodness of the Lord. When the time of quietness is over, our mouths will be filled with praises.


In my silence, Father, help me to ponder your goodness and let me shout your praise. Amen.