Value in Suffering

Steven Laman

READ : 1 Peter 1:3-12

When you read the title of this meditation you might have scoffed and said, “Get real, there is no value to be found in suffering.” In a sense you are right, it is very hard to uncover anything good in suffering. Most of the time I find it is overwhelming to discover anything positive in my cerebral palsy.

The Apostle Peter had a different view of suffering. He says our troubles have come to prove our faith is real and that genuine faith is worth far more than gold. True faith becomes stronger when introduced to the burning blast of hardships. I can see that in my life. My disability has helped to make my faith more durable. When I get discouraged about my limitations and feel like no one understands, I remember that Jesus knows my feelings and he understands. This forces me into his arms and strengthens my faith in him.

Anything that builds our faith is more valuable than riches. When our life on earth is over, faith is the only treasure we can take with us. I want to have a solid faith when that time comes, how about you? I guess there is value in suffering after all.


Strengthen my faith, Father, make it more and more valuable to me. Amen.