First-Class Grace

Steven Laman

READ : Romans 3:21-24
2 Timothy 1:8-10

Standing in line at the ticket counter of our connecting flight, Mom noticed that our seats were way in the back again. I didn’t relish the thought of being walked down the narrow aisle of another 757. We stepped up to the ticket agent and Mom asked if there was any possible way to move closer to the front. Taking our tickets, the man punched a few keys on his computer and handed them back. “I think these will be better,” he said. Then he whispered, “They’re in first class.”

Wow! We weren’t expecting anything like that. We didn’t deserve it-we hadn’t paid for the privilege of riding in style. God’s grace is like our first class seats. Nothing we can do can ever make us good enough to earn his love. We don’t deserve his unmerited favor. Yet, out of love for us, he sent his only son to forgive our sins by dying on Calvary’s cross.

Thanks to the ticket agent’s gift, I didn’t have to struggle to the back of the plane. God’s grace is the best free gift in the world. Have you received it? If not, I invite you to accept Jesus and what he did on the cross. Once you do you will have a first class ticket to heaven on the wings of God’s grace.


Lord, thank you for giving me the first-class treatment of your gracious love. Amen.