Power in Weakness

Steven Laman

READ : 2 Corinthians 12:1-12

You have just read my life verse, verse 9, where God promises to give power in weakness. I need that because sometimes I get discouraged. When I do, remembering that God has worked in my difficulties is a great comfort. He has shown his power in the devotionals I write, in the occasional talk I give with my speech device or just in my joyful attitude toward life.

This was not always my attitude. Like Paul, I have pleaded with the Lord for healing. When it didn’t come, I had to make a choice. I could let what I can’t do sour me or let the Lord give me the grace I need to handle my disability and change my outlook. I chose God’s grace. Paul made the same choice. Even though his affliction was not healed, he rejoiced knowing God could work in his situation. I am not at all glad that I am disabled, but overjoyed that God found a way to work in my life.

Have you ever wondered what God can do with your weaknesses? Give them to him and you will be surprised. If he could use Paul and can work in my life, he can definitely use you. When he does, you will know that his power is made perfect in weakness.


Father, your grace is all I need. Your power is strongest when I am weak. Amen