Spiritual Pick Ups

Steven Laman

READ : Mark 2:1-12

“Hey where are you taking me?” yelled the paralytic as four men lifted his bed. These loyal friends cared for their disabled buddy enough to bring him to Jesus. Even the packed house didn’t deter them from their mission. They hauled him up the outside stairs. Making a hole in the roof, they lowered him directly in front of Jesus.

The paralytic must have felt love and acceptance. I know I did when friends made it possible for me to attend our church men’s retreat. They helped me eat, dress, and carried me in my wheelchair to an upstairs meeting room. You may not need to depend on someone to physically bring you to Jesus. Yet, we all need others to come beside us to encourage, pray with us, and bring us closer to the Lord. Those who come beside us, spiritually pick us up. They are just as effective as those four men who carried their friend to Jesus.

These men must have made quite a racket on the roof. Despite all the commotion, Jesus didn’t get irritated. Instead, I imagine him greeting the intruders with a gigantic smile. Jesus has the same reaction whenever we help someone get to him. His heart fills with joy at our faithfulness. Join me in looking for ways to lift others up and bring them to Jesus.


Open my eyes, Father, to those to whom I can give a spiritual pick up. Amen.