When You Feel Invaded

Steven Laman

READ : Habakkuk 3:16-19

Habakkuk wrote his prophecy during a time of violence, lawlessness, crime and cruelty in the history of God’s people. God told him he was going to punish his people by sending Babylonia’s military forces to invade. At first the prophet thought it was unethical for God to let this pagan nation attack. However, after discussing his complaints with God and asking some poignant questions, Habakkuk found the faith he needed to be assured that God was still in charge.

Habakkuk had a faith that was able to say, “Even if everything else goes wrong I can trust and praise the God who remains in control.” I want to have that attitude when difficulties encroach on my life, and I bet you do too. How did Habakkuk get such a rock solid faith? He spent time with his Lord. When we spend time with God in his Word and in prayer, we begin to trust him more. The trust we develop in those special times will sustain us when we are invaded by adversities.

Habakkuk was prepared for the Babylonian invasion and could trust God regardless of the circumstances. Turbulent times should trigger us to spend more time with the Lord. Then we can say with Habakkuk, “I will still celebrate in the Lord because I know he cares for me and gives me strength.”


Lord, help me to celebrate you in all my circumstances. Amen.