Wrestling With Evil

Steven Laman

READ : Ephesians 6:10-18

Life is a struggle for me. It takes a considerable amount of effort to dress and feed myself. Communication has always been difficult, even with a speech device. I love to write, but it is tiring and time-consuming to plunk out my sentences one letter at a time with a wooden dowel.

You may not identify with my daily struggles but there is a battle that we all face. Paul describes this fight as wrestling against the evil spiritual forces in this world. They are constantly attacking-trying to lure us away from the Lord. To combat this, the apostle encourages us to always be prepared to stand up and fight by clothing ourselves in God’s impenetrable armor. When we put it on, it completely protects and strengthens. The key to this protection is the sword of the spirit, the Bible. When we have it in hand, reading it daily, then we will know what is right and can defend against any temptation that comes our way.

I am grateful when someone sees me struggling and offers to lend a hand. God’s armor is always available whenever we battle with evil. Put the armor on so you can stand prepared to handle the tempter’s tricks. We don’t have to fight alone. The Lord is standing with us and he can not be defeated.


I am grateful, Father, that you strengthen me for the struggles I face. Amen.