Sin’s Slippery Slope

Steven Laman

READ: Jeremiah 23:9-12


On our first day on the island of Kauai, Hawaii, we thought we had found a perfect swimming hole. The guide book described Queen’s Bath as a large natural swimming pool carved out of lava. With Dad holding one of my arms and my brother the other, we started our downhill hike. The path soon became steep, wet and slippery. Our feet began to slide and down we went, our backsides getting caked with Kauai’s infamous red dirt. There is a spiritual path that is just as slippery as that island trail-the path of sin.

In the days of Jeremiah, false prophets were running rampant. These people of low moral character were spreading false hopes. Their deceitful ways were drawing people away from the Lord. Jeremiah 23:12a says of them, “Their path will become slippery. They will be thrown out into darkness. There they will fall” (NIrV). It is just as easy for us to be caught in sin’s muddy slide when we disregard God.

We don’t have to fall down sin’s slippery slope. When we renew our relationship with our All-Powerful God through repentance and prayer, he will graciously guide us on the safe and level path. His way leads to refreshment and joy. Our heavenly Father has designed the best path for us. Will you follow him? — Steve Laman


Heavenly Father, I will follow you closely wherever you lead. Amen.