Eye-Catching Light

Steven Laman

READ : John 8:12
1 John 1:1-10

While we were on the island of Kauai, we visited the Kilauea Lighthouse, learning how in 1927 this lighthouse saved the first planeload of passengers heading to Honolulu from California. The pilot missed the Islands and was heading out to sea when the light from the lighthouse on the northernmost point of the islands caught his eye. Realizing he had flown too far, he turned around and landed safely at his destination. The beam from the Kilauea Lighthouse saved the flight from aimlessly flying over the Pacific, running out of gas and plummeting into the sea.

We don’t have to wander aimlessly either. God has sent Jesus, the light of the world, to guide us and save us from plunging heedlessly into the darkness of sin. If we walk in Jesus’s light, he will shine into our hearts and illuminate those places where the pollution of sin is subtly poisoning us. He is not searching for dirt to condemn us. Instead he seeks to forgive and restore our relationship with him.

If the passengers knew about the lighthouse, I am sure they were extremely grateful. How much more thankful we should be to Jesus-our guiding light. He guides us to our final destination. His forgiveness makes it possible for us to land safely in God’s arms.


Lord, thank you for guiding me through this life and beyond. Amen.