God's Extending Love

Steven Laman

READ : Luke 19:1-10

The pilot had turned off the engines, the passengers were standing in the aisles with their bags eager to deplane, but the door did not open. From my seat, I could see the jetway coming toward the aircraft. Several times it got close but could not extend far enough to reach the plane. As we waited, it seemed like the jetway would never reach the door. Finally, after the plane was towed forward a few feet, we were able to disembark.

Do you ever feel that God could never extend his love to you? Perhaps you consider yourself too sinful to be accepted by a holy God. Those thoughts might have gone through the despised tax collector Zacchaeus’s mind. If it weren’t for the crowd, he might not have even dared to get close to the son of God. Yet, when Jesus gazed up into that sycamore fig tree, he didn’t see someone whom he could not accept. He saw a man to whom he wanted to offer his love.

I am glad that Jesus came to seek and save the lost because I need his extending love. Have you grabbed ahold of this incredible love? If not, embrace it. If you know that love, let it extend through you to someone who has not understood and accepted it.


Lord Jesus, thank you for your far-reaching love that extends all the way to me. Amen.