Soul Food

Steven Laman

READ : John 6:25-40

It is difficult for me to feed myself because cerebral palsy causes my arms to jerk. My parents are usually the ones who help me eat. But there are times when they are not around, as when I’m on a retreat, or when my Bible- study group has a potluck. I am grateful then that I have good friends who help me get the food to my mouth.

God sees to it that his people get the food they need as well. In the Old Testament, when the Israelites were wandering in the desert, God fed them by raining down manna and sending in quail. When there was nothing to eat, he satisfied their nagging hunger.

Today, there is an empty feeling gnawing at each of us. It is not physical but spiritual. God was so concerned with this hunger that he sent his only Son to earth. Jesus Christ, the bread of life, is the only one who satisfies the emptiness and completely meets our need to be loved, forgiven, and accepted.

When someone spends time feeding me it shows me that I am important to them. God demonstrated that we are valuable to him by sending his Son to feed us. May you and I always feast on his love.


Father, you sent Jesus to feed the void in my life. May I continually be filled with his presence. Amen