Follow That Man

Steven Laman

READ : Matthew 4:18-22
John 6:38-40

“There are people everywhere!” commented my mom as we roamed the newly opened warehouse store. I drove my electric wheelchair extra carefully, trying to keep up with my family while dodging shoppers at every turn. It wasn’t easy, but I followed them closely, not wanting to become separated from them in that mob of shoppers.

When Jesus called his first disciples his challenge was, “Come, follow me.” They did just that. As they followed their master they saw remarkable things-the disabled healed, the multitudes fed, the dead brought to life. They heard every exceptional word that came from his lips. However, the road that Jesus led them on was not always easy. They endured the ridicule of the Pharisees, watched the agonies of the cross and were often confused and afraid. Despite all the hardship, they still followed.

Jesus is still inviting people to follow today. If we decide to accept his invitation, he will not lead us on the easiest journey. Yet it will be well worth the risk and struggle because his path leads to peace, joy and ultimately to eternal life. Our Savior will not lose us in the shuffle and he will do some amazing things as he works in us. Will you join me in following that man?


Help me to follow you closely, Jesus. Amen.