Keep on Marching

Steven Laman

READ : Joshua 6:1-21

One of the first obstacles the Israelites faced in the promised land was the massive double walled city of Jericho. They knew that God had delivered the city into their hands, but still this enormous obstruction loomed in their path. After marching around it day after day the people must have felt they were not accomplishing anything. Yet, whatever they might have felt, they remained faithful.

Some days it seems like there is a huge brick wall ahead of me. Many days I can’t see how my disability is fitting into God’s plan. When those feelings come, I have to be like the Israelites and keep marching through life with the confidence that each day God will knock my obstacle down, but maybe never completely.

What wall are you facing? Maybe it’s a trial that you can’t seem to conquer or an illness staring you in the face. Whatever the wall we face today, may the Israelites encourage us to keep on marching. They had the faith that God would tear down their Jericho wall. We can have that same kind of faith. Someday our walls will come down and we will see how God used them for his glory. It might not be today, or it may not be in this lifetime, but with God’s help we can conquer anything. Until then, stay faithful and keep on marching.


Lord, give me faith to keep on despite great obstacles. Amen.