Constantly Watching

Steven Laman

READ : Genesis 28:10-21

Gazing out the window of the plane, I saw two police cars and a fire engine as we taxied toward the gate. I thought nothing about this-not until the phone rang at home. It was my uncle who had picked us up from the airport. “Turn on the 6:00 news,” he said, “I think there was a problem with your plane.” We were shocked to learn that we could have been involved in a disaster. Our plane’s landing gear wouldn’t lock down. The pilot had to lower it several times before it finally secured into place. I’m surely glad God was watching over us.

Jacob learned that God was watching over him. He was on his way from Beersheba to Haran to escape his brother Esau’s murderous plans and to search for a wife. This scared bachelor must have had some reservations about the trip. At Bethel, the Lord gave him a dream assuring him that he was always in his protection. When he woke, he knew that the Lord was in that place.

When I learned of our near emergency, I thanked God for his constant protection. Jacob worshiped the Lord for his promise to be with him always. The Lord is faithfully watching out for each one of us. May we always be aware of his presence and praise him for his continual care.


Lord, you are always with me and caring for me. Thank you. Amen.