Yoked With Jesus

Steven Laman

READ : Matthew 11:25-30

When we are at a restaurant Mom usually feeds me. I am sure when some people see us they must think, “Her son must be a burden on her.” Admittedly, I do need a lot of care and it does get wearisome at times. My parents get tired of helping and I get frustrated with it all.

Jesus realizes that life is difficult. His prescription is for us to take his yoke and learn from him. Yokes harness two animals together so they’ll share the work. Despite its appearance, it is not a torture device, but actually distributes the load. The same is true with Jesus’ yoke. He doesn’t ignore and abandon us; instead, he longs to lighten our load and share our burden.

When we take his yoke upon us, he might not take our problems away but will give us the grace to handle them. When I get sick of the whole ordeal of my cerebral palsy it helps to look at it as Christ does. He sees it as something he can use to bless others and make me more like him. If your problems are crushing you, Jesus is waiting to help. When we give him our hardships, he will give us the strength we need. With Jesus our burdens are lighter as we handle our problems yoked with him.


Thank you, Jesus, for making my burdens lighter as I team up with you. Amen.