The Open Door

Steven Laman

READ : Revelation 3:7-13

It is extremely difficult for me to open doors. I am always grateful when someone leaves a door open. I can go right in rather than waiting for someone to open it, struggling to open it myself, or trying to knock on it with my foot.

I am exceptionally glad to know that Jesus leaves a door open for me. In his vision, John received a letter from Christ to the Church in Philadelphia, praising them for their faithfulness. They kept his word and did not deny his name, and he placed before them an open door that no one can shut-the door to God’s rule and the heavenly kingdom.

This same door stands open for all who accept him as Savior and Lord. Once Jesus opens heaven’s door, nothing can shut it, not even our sins. Jesus knows everything we have done and he still holds the door open for all who are forgiven by his blood. With that knowledge, we can live in confidence and without the fear of death. Wow, what a way to live-having the assurance the most important door is wide open for us! I know that door is open for me. At the end of life will the door of heaven be standing open for you?


My heart is so grateful, Jesus, to be assured that when I get to heaven’s door, I will find it standing wide open. Amen.