Completely Accepted

Steven Laman

READ : Matthew 9:9-13
Matthew 11:19

“Steve, we have some bad news,” Mom announced sadly. She and Dad had just stepped in from the back yard. “Shadow died last night.”

I couldn’t believe that our 11-year-old black dog was gone. Looking back on her life, I realize how good she was with me. It didn’t matter if my hand jerked while I petted her or if I rubbed her the wrong way. Shadow was always eager to come to me and accept my loving.

Our sins constantly rub the holy Son of God the wrong way because he can’t stand the sight of sin. Yet he desires to accept imperfect people. During his ministry he was ridiculed by the Pharisees for being a friend of tax collectors and sinners. Despite their criticism, Jesus continued to welcome and love the social riff-raff.

I am glad, because if Jesus could accept the prostitute, the tax collector and the thief, I am assured that he will accept me. Jesus embraces us, not our sins. Those he forgives, and makes us right before God. News that Shadow had died was terrible, but I am grateful that her life reminds me that Jesus Christ accepts me in spite of my sins. Now that’s the best news of all. Wouldn’t you agree?


Lord Jesus, thank you for including me in your love. Help me to see people as you do. Amen.