Holding on to Riches

Steven Laman

READ : Matthew 13:44-46
Mark 10:17-27

This month we have discovered some of the wealth found in the Bible. When we open the pages of God’s holy Word we find gifts of grace, love, forgiveness, salvation and countless others, there for the taking. I don’t want any of those precious gems to slip through my fingers, do you? I am so grateful that Jesus tells us how to obtain these riches.

In Jesus’ parable a treasure is buried in a field. When a man finds it, he sells everything he has to buy that field and acquire the treasure. Jesus is not saying his gifts are for sale. We can’t buy his love; it is free! But it does cost us. We don’t have to sell everything, but we do have to surrender all. Jesus wants first place in our lives. Sadly, many people feel that price is too high. They just walk away and miss receiving the Lord’s wonderful treasure.

Have you accepted Jesus as Savior and received his precious benefits? If not, I pray that our time discovering God’s riches will help you decide to give your life to him. If your life is already filled with his blessings, may these meditations encourage you to keep searching his Word for even more riches he has for you.


Lord, thank you for the incredible wealth that is mine through Jesus Christ. Amen.