Not As I Will, But As You Will

Dick Nieusma, Jr.

READ : Matthew 26:36-39

Sometimes our plans don’t match with what God has in mind for us. My wife and I were willing to become missionaries, but we didn’t want to go back to Korea where we had adopted our son Paul in 1958. We vowed we’d never go back to a country that had seemed so unpleasant to us! But God changed our plans. We did return. He blessed our meager mission efforts and blessed the Korean people beyond what we ever dreamed.

I don’t know what plans you are making for today, tomorrow, or for the rest of your life, but be sure to invite God to participate in them. Pray earnestly that he will make his will known very clearly to you. Then follow him in faith. Conditions may not always be pleasant. Even Jesus wanted another way. But God’s blessings will surely come when we follow his direction.

In this month’s devotionals I will select some meaningful experiences we saw during 23 years of serving as a dentist in a large mission hospital in the Orient. I pray that stories of how God worked in the Korean people and blessed them will bless and encourage you.


Thank you, Lord, for the way you transformed so many Korean people. Help us to do your will as they have. Amen.