A Down-And-Out Tragedy

Dick Nieusma, Jr.

READ : Psalm 145:13-21

Duckee Park lived in a mud hut with her parents and her older brother’s family. No job, no food, no chance to go to school-no hope. So she took a common way out for young people in her situation. She tried to end her life by drinking lye. But she didn’t die. After several major operations in a mission hospital she was alive but worse off than before, with no stomach and with a feeding tube in her side. You can imagine her despair.

A missionary wife who lived nearby took eggs and fruit juice to Duckee and a diet drink from our hospital that provided nutritious protein. She also shared the good news of hope that Christ gives those who trust in him. Duckee trusted in Christ and found the hope she needed so badly. After more operations and much treatment she recovered, married and had a family.

Years later she amazed us by saying that when she thinks of her past, she thanks God for his goodness. She has forgotten her poverty and near-death experiences.

Are you down and out? The Lord is still mighty to save us from our hopelessness and despair. Trust him today and let him turn your life around.


Thank you, Lord, for showing your power in so many hopeless situations. Show it to me today. Amen.