Perfect Love Drives Out Fear

Dick Nieusma, Jr.

READ : 1 John 4:16-18

Our dental department at Kwangju Christian Hospital ran a Sunday school program for the Kwangju Boys’ Reformatory. Every week we took a van-load of dentists, nurses and seminary students to teach the boys about Jesus. Many of these boys were orphans. Others had come from broken, poverty-stricken or abusive homes. Some of the boys looked so young, innocent and scared, but they always cheered up when our team arrived. Those kids loved the lively choruses we taught them.

Several times I spoke to them about the Last Judgment. They could relate to it since they had all appeared before the judge for sentencing. How differently they would have felt, I told them, if the governor had stood there with them, holding their hand saying “It’s OK, judge. I’m going to take this boy home with me, love him and give him everything he needs.” That surely would have reduced their fears enormously!

God is a lot more like a loving father than an angry judge. God is love. Jesus is willing today to give us the peace and assurance we need to face any apprehensions we have about this life or the next.


Lord, thank you for loving me and taking the fear out of my accountability before you. Calm my fears today. Amen.