Prodigal Daughter: Loser to Winner

Dick Nieusma, Jr.

READ : Luke 15:11-32

Miss Oh was a lovely young Korean woman who helped us start a school for dental hygienists. She came with us to the Boys’ Reformatory, cheerfully greeted the boys and taught them some choruses. But to my surprise she refused to offer a prayer at the end of the service.

Some time later she explained that she had become a Christian in high school. She had eagerly witnessed and passed out gospel pamphlets to people until her unbelieving father beat her and ordered her to stop being a Christian. She stopped, but felt so defeated and guilty. That’s why she declined to pray. She explained, “I know how to pray but I feel like a hypocrite, having betrayed the Lord as I did.” Finally she prayed for forgiveness and experienced a renewed peace with God.

Sometimes we sink so low but the Lord is always there, waiting in the shadows. Can he really forgive us? Does he still love us? Will he really accept us? Have you forgotten Jesus’ beautiful parable of the Prodigal Son? No matter how many times we have denied God, no matter how long it has been, he’s eager to run out to meet us with a hug and kiss and a clean robe and to set up a banquet table to celebrate our return.


O Lord, it’s been so long. I know the words, but make them real to me again. Thank you, Jesus. Amen.