Ask What You Will, In My Name

Dick Nieusma, Jr.

READ : John 14:8-14

Hee-Chang Kim was one of the first Reformatory boys to be released to Dr. Sam Park’s Christian Halfway House. He worked hard, earning his way through high school and college. One Christmas we paid him for some work, using a gift from an old friend. We urged him to write her a thank-you note.

Some time later he came to see us unexpectedly and explained that he couldn’t continue in college because he couldn’t pay the tuition. My heart raced as I began to calculate the dollar equivalent of how much he needed. I was amazed! The amount was exactly what we received in the mail for him from our friend that very morning, apparently as a result of his thank-you note.

The Lord has continued to work miracles in Hee-Chang’s life. Now he is a pastor in Los Angeles, discipling young Korean pastors and sending missionary teams from his church to witness overseas.

Are you earnestly seeking to live according to God’s will, eager to attempt great things for him? When we do some God-sized task, others will see God at work in our lives.


O God, let the beauty of Jesus be seen in me today! Work through me to show others that you are alive and powerful. Amen.