I Will Never Deny Christ!

Dick Nieusma, Jr.

READ : Luke 22:32-34

Hee-Chang was helping prepare for Passion Week services by plaiting a crown of thorns to hang on the cross in the front of the chapel. It was a painful and bloody job because the thorns were long and sharp. All of a sudden he blurted out, “I would never deny the Lord like Peter did.” We asked how he could be so confident. Here is his answer.

“When I was arrested for stealing, the police tortured me by pushing sharp splinters under my finger nails and pouring water down my nose. But I never squealed on my buddies. So I know I would never deny my Lord who I love a lot more than I loved my buddies.”

When that crown of thorns was pushed down on Jesus’ brow and when he hung on the cross, he too was challenged to deny us, to come down from the cross and save himself. But he endured the pain because he loved us so much and envisioned the joyous results to come.

Christians around the world are suffering for their faith. May they-and we-have the courage to stand up for Jesus when challenged to deny him.


Lord, how awesome is your love for us! May we endure to the end no matter what comes our way. Amen.